Why Do YOU Keep Adjusting Me if I have no Symptoms in Nepean ON?

Why Do YOU Keep Adjusting Me if I have no Symptoms in Nepean?

Why Do YOU Keep Adjusting Me if I have no Symptoms?

Some of you may remember way back when at your Doctor's Report, we talked about how symptoms (called secondary conditions in the office) can take weeks, years, and even decades to appear. When you develop Structural Shifts in Nepean, (structural shifts) due to your body's inability to adapt to physical, chemical, and emotional stress you can and may develop secondary conditions (symptoms).

So why would it make sense to get checked and adjusted for structural shifts if you have no more secondary conditions?

Studies provided by your Nepean chiropractor

Here is a couple of studies that were done by medical surgeons on patients who were free of any symptoms. When they took MRIs of the participants they found the damage was present for many years for individuals who had no symptoms. They found that

  • 35% of 20 -39 year-olds had disc degenerations, bulging herniations, and spinal channel narrowing.
  • Over 95% of 60 year-olds and over had disc degeneration, bulging, spinal channel narrowing

In other words, with no symptoms, there were STILL structural shifts present which over time led to the deterioration in spinal health and the nervous system. No different than poor dental habits over time creating cavities or poor nutrition building up plaque and heart disease.

Another study from Videman showed that within 4 days of immobilization of a joint (a fixation resulting in no movement like a structural shift) there was degeneration, osteoarthritic changes, and decreased healing time.

What does this mean? Contrary to what we used to believe - that it took decades for osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease to develop - this study shows it can start to develop only a few days after a structural shift in the spine. This is why I'm starting to see more issues with children younger and younger.

Like many, you may have started care because you had secondary conditions you wanted help with. My goal has always been to work on correcting your structural shifts to improve the health of your spine and nervous system. If I can help you do that, you should have fewer secondary conditions and less degeneration, and a better quality of life.

So, when you are lying on the table and I make an adjustment, though maybe it didn't hurt there, or you didn't have any secondary issues there, hopefully now you understand just a little bit about why you were adjusted in that spot.

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