Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Herr is amazing !! I had right hip pain could hardly walk anywhere and sitting to standing position was difficult. Not in consistent pain anymore walking is better, sleeping better, better quality of life, do more, simply I feel better and every aspect of my life is better because of chiropractic. They are very thorough, caring and professional. Friendly staff I always feel welcome."

- Melissa W.

"I had always been skeptical about chiropractic care. I decided to give this a try, as the thought of more painkillers was not appealing. I am sorry that I did not begin this course sooner; stress, a car accident, arthritis etc have caused damage to my spine. However with chiropractic care my future should be one of good health and freedom of movement. Although aged 73 years I feel young again. Definitely, chiropractic care is working for me."

- Christine B.

"I was constantly having neck pain and headaches that made both my shoulders feel like they were thick and swollen. Light bothered my eyes and I don't think I had a good night sleep in months. The changes have been so dramatic that I almost don't believe it myself. If I would have been told that my condition would have improved this much I would not have believed it. Major impact in my life. My life is 150% more productive I feel good in the morning."

- Wayne S.

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