What Do I Need to Know Before My Exam?

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Following a consultation with Dr. Herr at Capital Chiropractic of Nepean ON, you will have the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive Neuro–structural exam. The exam is performed by Dr. Herr to look for Neuro-structural shifts and determine if it may be the cause of your secondary health conditions.

The exam will include:

• Structural Digital X-rays
• Structural Postural Analysis
• Computerized Spinal Scan
• Functional Mobilty Analysis

After the examination, if any Neuro-structural shifts are confirmed, a follow up report to review the results and make care recommendations will be scheduled. Dr. Herr will discuss the nature of your Neuro-structural shifts, care options, and give you your first adjustment.

7:30am - 6:30pm

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2nd Saturday of Month
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