Are Protein Shakes Good for You in Nepean ON?

Are Protein Shakes Good for You in Nepean?

Are Protein Shakes Good for You?

Dr. Surbjit Herr, B.Sc., D.C.

I commonly get asked if protein drinks are good for you. Or what kinds of protein powder do I recommend. So, let's take a couple of minutes to answer these questions about protein drinks in Nepean.

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Are protein drinks good for you?

The short answer to these questions is yes, protein drinks can be good for you. Why? Because food is good for you and you require nutrients for repairing, healing, and function in Nepean.

When you are eating any food, especially protein, a whole food source is always the best. Whole food sources will provide you with the highest quality proteins for your body. But, there can be challenges with this and the biggest one can be time. You may not have time to cook a big meal so then a protein drink can be a great way to get some nutritional value.

People have also heard that too much protein will damage your kidneys, this is false. This myth came from studies done on animals with kidney problems.

What kinds of proteins should you consume in Nepean?

Well, this all depends on your goals. Are you looking to build muscle, lose weight or have a healthy meal alternative? When you are looking at a protein powder, look for ones that have the least amount of ingredients as this will mean they have the least amount of junk and filler. Look for a protein that is from whole food sources. There are beef-based and now nut and seed-based proteins to use.

Plant-based powders seem to be good because they are made with hypoallergenic ingredients. Many proteins that are whey-based can create issues for people; especially if they have dairy intolerances. If you can stay away from whey, that's better. But, if you must use it, stick to whey protein concentrate versus whey isolate.

Avoid proteins that have sugar substitutes, especially products like natural flavoring, aspartame, and artificial sweeteners. You're better off with actual sugar, real vanilla, or chocolate than any of the substitutes.

Some companies add mega super berries with vitamins and other stuff. Because they are such a small amount, they don't make much of a difference.

To sum it up, use a protein powder that is mostly just protein.

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