Overcoming Upper Crossed Syndrome & Mid-Back Pain in Nepean ON

Overcoming Upper Crossed Syndrome & Mid-Back Pain in Nepean

Overcoming Upper Crossed Syndrome & Mid-Back Pain in Nepean

Why are so many people struggling with neck and mid-back pain in Nepean?

One factor is the physical stress and load placed on the neck and mid-back during long periods on computers, smartphones, and other prolonged unhealthy postures.

Upper Crossed Syndrome can create structural shifts in the spine and create neck and mid-back pain. Upper crossed syndrome is an imbalance between the muscles in the neck and shoulders. It's commonly seen in people who work at a desk and/or spend long periods working in poor posture. People who have Anterior head syndrome. where the head displaces in front of the shoulders, often suffer from Upper Crossed Syndrome.

Upper Crossed Syndrome Explained by Nepean Chiropractor

Upper cross syndrome is when the muscles near the base of the neck and upper back (upper trap and levator scapulae and (pectoralis major) chest become hypertonic (tight). While at the same time the muscles in the front of the neck (neck flexors) and muscles of the mid back middle and lower traps become weak.

Quite often you will see two common postural changes. First, you will have Anterior Head syndrome, and second, a hump developing in the mid back with rounded shoulders. Rounded shoulders develop because the chest muscles are so tight they continue to pull the shoulders forward placing more strain and pulling on those mid-back muscles. This causes the mid-back muscles to further weaken and create the so-called knots in the mid-back.

So, what can you do to help with Upper Cross Syndrome? Work on this exercise to stretch the chest and traps.

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Work on strengthening your neck flexor muscles and mid-back area.

Get your spine nervously checked to make sure that structural shifts of the spine aren't affecting your neck and mid-back function.

Most people in Ottawa are working many hours at a desk and exercising a few times per week. Unfortunately. a few hours of exercising are not going undo do 40 hours (or more) worth of damage.

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