How Dieting May Cause Weight Gain in Nepean ON

How Dieting in Nepean May Cause Weight Gain

How Dieting May Cause Weight Gain

(And what you can do!)

Dr. Surbjit Herr, B.Sc., D.C.

It's a new year and with that comes New Year's resolutions! The opportunity to hit reset and work on improving yourself and your health in Nepean.

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With that, we often decide that we are going to lose that extra weight, join the gym or complete that detox we have been thinking about.

So, let's spend some time talking about the most common issue this time of year. Food, weight loss, and calories. What I want to do is for you to forget about calories and focus on the QUALITY of food and let your body take care of you.

Fewer calories less weight in Nepean

Often people are looking for weight loss and what we have been taught to do was lower our calorie intake and the weight will come off. Makes sense; fewer calories in means less weight gained. This may work in the short term but eventually leads to failure. Why? Because your body was designed for feast or famine. When you restrict your calories, the intelligence of the body kicks in. Your body starts to hold onto calories, increase your hunger and slow down your metabolism. Your body believes it's in famine mode and tries to conserve calories. And this is not your lack of willpower, this is the way your body was designed.

Another challenge that we now have is that everything is so fast and over-processed. What happens is that processed foods are not slowly digested or slowly absorbed. This causes spikes in your blood sugar levels, like a roller coaster up and down versus a smooth train ride on a flat surface.

When you have these huge spikes, it affects your metabolism and increases insulin levels, which is like Miracle-gro™ for fat cells. So, what you want to do is have a steady rise and then a steady decrease of sugar levels, so you're using your foods for body functions versus storing them as fat cells.

Remember that it was the tortoise that won the race, not the hare!!

What can you do?

  1. Replace processed carbs with unprocessed carbs such as vegetables. Unprocessed is more steadily absorbed.
  2. Increase or make sure you're getting protein in your diet.
  3. Increase your fats, from nuts, certain oils, and butters.
    Yes, I said increase your fats. This helps to keep your sugar in check and prevents the up and downs of sugar and insulin spikes.
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Working with your body is a lot easier than working against it.

I have always disliked the word DIET. Why? because the first three letters spell DIE!.

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