Are you Vitamin D Deficient in Nepean ON?

Are you Vitamin D Deficient in Nepean?

Are you Vitamin D Deficient in Nepean?

Most people, especially during the winter months, don't get enough Vitamin D in Nepean. Why? Because we don't get enough sunlight. Our bodies get Vitamin D through the exposure of bare skin to the sun. During the winter months, because we spend so much of our time indoors, it makes it more challenging to get our Vitamin D fix. Getting sufficient Vitamin D through our foods is tough as well, which is why we need to supplement.

Five symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency in Nepean?

Muscle and bone weakness- Vitamin D helps with bone mineralization Feel more sad or blue. Think about why are there more people depressed in the winter, Less sunlight. People with low levels of Vitamin D are 11x more likely to suffer from depression You have high Blood pressure, low vitamin D levels can be linked to increased risk of high blood pressure Obesity, fats cells absorb Vitamin D so it is removed from your blood in larger individuals You have gut issues, if you have a poor gut function you will have problems absorbing Vitamin D. Some people may not have any symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and still be deficient

For what health factors is Vitamin D important?

The immune system, which helps you to fight infection Muscle function Cardiovascular function, for a healthy heart and circulation Respiratory system - for healthy lungs and airways Brain development Anti-cancer effects

How do I know if I'm deficient in vitamin D?

The only way is to get it tested. The test measures your 25(OH) D level but it is usually called the Vitamin D test. Here in Ontario, you can ask your doctor to do it and there will be a fee or you can order a test kit yourself online.

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